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WHEREAS, all prerequisite acts and proceedings preliminary to the adoption of this Resolution have been taken and done in due and proper form, time and manner;

WHEREAS the following named persons have been duly elected to the offices set opposite their respective names.

RESOLVED that the duly elected officers are hereby jointly and severally authorized on behalf of this entity to execute all agreements, applications and transactions with the People's Electric Cooperative as may be required, to access any information on the electric accounts in the name of this entity, to legally transact any business upon the entity's behalf, and to delegate other designated employees of the entity certain authority as shown below (please show name and authority if applicable):

RESOLVED FURTHER, that these Resolutions shall remain in full force and effect until a certified copy of a duly adopted resolution affecting a revocation or amendment, as the case may be, shall have been received by People's Electric Cooperative. The authority hereby granted shall apply with equal force and effect to the successors in office of the Officers herein named.