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Power Watch Outage Notification

Power Watch Outage Notification

PEC has new optional metering equipment available which will automatically notify PECís dispatch center of an outage at your specific location. For members who elect this option, POWER WATCH will notify PEC of a power outage, even when no one is home. POWER WATCH is ideal for lake homes and other locations that are not regularly occupied--or just when youíre on vacation.

Peace of mind for only $3 per month (*single-phase meters), which is simply added to your monthly PEC electric bill. Three-phase customers may take advantage of POWER WATCH for $6 per month.

Itís maximum peace of mind for just pennies a day.

And thatís not all . . . weíll even send you a POWER WATCH email once your power has been restored to your meter for an additional $1 per month. Simply contact PECís Customer Service department at toll-free 1-877-456-3031 or (580) 332-3031 (local Ada area) for more information or to initiate POWER WATCH today at your meter location.

Completed Power Watch Agreement(s) may be mailed to the following address:

People's Electric Cooperative
Attn: Power Watch Program
P.O. Box 429
Ada, OK 74821-0429

or faxed to the following number:
(580) 436-0229

12-month Power Watch Service Agreement
(Single Phase)
(Three Phase)