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Free Mulch / Firewood

Are you a PEC member in need of FREE wood mulch or firewood?

Let us add you to our list! Here at PEC, we don�t wait until the holidays come around � we give back to our community year-round.

As PEC's Vegetation and Environmental Services Department goes about their duty to maintain distribution and transmission lines throughout our eleven county service area, we accumulate lots of extra wood chips and firewood.

Members who would like to receive either (or both) of these free resources are asked to please call Lee McElroy (580-559-8482) or Steve DeShazo (580-559-8478) --- OR --- complete the following online form:

You will be placed on a list that PEC trimming crews will refer to and if they are trimming in your area, the crew foreman will call and arrange a drop off.

[IMPORTANT: Please provide name, phone # and PEC Account #.]

Are you a PEC member in need of FREE wood mulch or firewood?

Advantages of wood mulch:

* Using wood mulch benefits the environment because waste wood goes into the garden instead of a landfill.

* Wood mulch is economical, readily available, and it�s easy to apply and remove. It isn�t blown around by winds like lightweight mulches.

* When it no longer looks its best, you can compost it or work it directly into the soil.A 1990 study that rated 15 organic mulches found that wood chips came in tops in three important categories:

-Moisture retention � Covering the soil with 2 inches of wood mulch slows moisture evaporation from the soil.
-Temperature moderation � Wood chips block the sun and help keep the soil cool.
-Weed control � Weeds have difficulty emerging from beneath a cover of wood chips.