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Electric surge suppression is available for PEC members' homes through POWERShield. This program consists of two levels of protection. The first line of defense against surges is a socket device installed at the meter base. This device is designed to reduce any potentially damaging external, high-voltage spikes and surges to a "safe" level before they enter your home via the power line. Extra protection is provided by surge suppression devices installed at outlets within the home for sensitive electronic equipment. When installed properly, these devices will protect your equipment from surges through the electrical wiring, telephone lines and coaxial cable. Device warranties range from $250 to $50,000.

  • Prevent damage caused by electrical surges.
  • Two levels of defense - at the meter base and within the home - to provide the ultimate in protection.
  • Equipment and warranty provided by TESCO, a name trusted by cooperative customers throughout the US.
Protect your entire home through this program for $4.95 per month and a 1 time installation fee of $50, with a 60 month lease agreement. Call PEC's Member Services Department at (580) 332-3031 for more information.

What are power surges and from where do they come?

Power surges are sudden powerful increases in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment. While lightning is dramatic in effect, it is by no means the major cause of power surges. Birds, animals and trees interfering with powerlines, auto accidents involving utility poles, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and many other factors can cause momentary surges.