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New Construction

PEC understands the need for electricity is vital to building your new home.  We will be here each step of the way to ensure the process of electric installation to your building site is timely and accurate.  While most of your questions can be answered through this site, please feel free to contact us any time at (580) 332-3031 or toll free within our service area at 1-877-456-3031 or visit our F.A.Q. page.

Click HERE to watch a short video about the new construction process.

IMPORTANT: Should you wish to assist in clearing Right-of-Way, obtaining easements from neighbors, and other tasks to speed up the construction process, please contact PEC's Construction Services department by calling (580) 332-3031 during regular office hours.

Your Construction Job - Step by Step, Typical Timeline

(subject to weather and rights-of-way conditions)

Week 1 - Meet with PEC New Construction Representative rn

Contact PEC’s New Construction department at (580) 332-3031 or toll free within our service area at 1-877-456-3031 to discuss your needs with PEC and schedule a meeting with a PEC engineer.  We will ask for your legal description along with information about the size and type of home you will build.  If anything about your job changes after this initial call (such as site location, size of equipment, etc.) please contact your PEC Representative.

Week 2 - Cost Evaluation

A PEC Engineer will visit your location to discuss building location, type of service, terrain, and other factors that may influence the cost of construction. This is a free service provided by PEC so we may provide you with an accurate quote of building your service.  Remember, a portion of your total payment may be refunded once permanent residential requirements have been met.

Week 3 - Pre-Construction Process

Submit necessary documents and payment for your construction job.  Construction will begin 4-6 weeks after payment received and PEC's Agreement for Electric Service signed and properly executed and any necessary permits or easements are obtained.  During this phase of construction, an engineer will revisit your site location to create an electronic staking sheet designed specifically for your job.  He will then submit recommendations to other personnel involved in completing your service.  The Pre-Construction process usually takes 3-4 weeks.  After this time, New Construction Representatives will have a better idea of when construction will begin.  As a result, if you have questions regarding the timing or completion of your job, we encourage you to wait until 4 weeks after you have submitted payment before contacting our New Construction Department for this information.

IMPORTANT: Should you wish to assist in clearing Right-of-Way, obtaining easements from neighbors, and other tasks to speed up the construction process, please contact PEC's Construction Services department by calling (580) 332-3031 during regular office hours.

Spec sheets you may need

Clearing Right-of-Way Guide

Meter Pedestal Spec Sheet

Guidelines for Mobile Home Service – Materials furnished by Consumer

Guidelines for Mobile Home Service – Underground and Overhead Distribution Specs

Temporary Saw Pole spec sheet

Underground Service Requirements

Weeks 4, 5, 6 & 7 - PEC Construction Process

During this time, PEC is busy clearing rights-of-way, setting poles, and constructing your electrical job. Depending on the nature of your job and weather, this process may take as little as a few days to several weeks.  On average, this process takes 4-6 weeks.The engineer or New Construction Representative will give you an idea of this during your job evaluation.

Week 8 - Permanent Service & QRA

Congratulations on your new service!  Once PEC has completed construction and once your electrician has completed your side of the installation, please contact PEC for a permanent tie-in of service.  At this time, you may also wish to confirm your Qualified Residential Applicant (QRA) Status to receive a portion of your construction charges back.  If you have met the below QRA requirements, a PEC representative will be dispatched to inspect service and a refund will be issued within 2 weeks:
  -Water (or tap receipt)
  -Septic (or perk test)
  -Footing or slab poured or, if mobile home, tongue, wheels and axles removed.
  -Account holder must be landowner and occupancy of the dwelling must be year round.

Rebates and Membership Benefits

Remember, with PEC you are a member/owner of a cooperative – a cooperative committed to serving you.  Be sure and take advantage of our products and services.  Did you install an electric water heater or heat pump?  Be sure to let us know!  We pay rebates directly to you for either of these items.  Read the monthly People’s Powerline included with your monthly electric statement or online for more information.If you would like to learn more about Construction Rebates on qualified energy efficient heat pumps and water heaters, click here!

Residential Line Extension Credit

People’s Electric Cooperative may provide a credit of up to $1800 to offset the cost of constructing power lines to a new residence.

Here’s how it works:

1. As a new or existing PEC member, you request electric service to a new residence.
2. One of PEC’s construction engineers meets with you or your representative on site and determines the cost to provide electric service to the new home.
3. You will be asked to pay the cost to build the new electric line and sign a contract for the electric service before construction begins.
4. Up to $1800 of your payment for the new power line will be set aside in a Construction Deposit account. Note: You can avoid paying this Construction Deposit if you meet the permanent requirements prior to construction (see below).
5. If, within the term of the contract date, the permanent requirements are met at the residence, the amount (plus interest) set aside in the construction deposit account will be refunded to you as long as the construction deposit is paid up front and is not on a pay out plan.

The following permanent requirements must be met to avoid a construction deposit or to receive a refund:

1. The member must be the landowner.
2. Water must be installed (city, rural, well, or water tap fee paid receipt).
3. Sewer must be installed (city, septic, lagoon, or copy of a perk test).
4. A stationary foundation must be completed (poured concrete slab or piers).
5. Occupancy of the dwelling will be permanent and year- round (residence).

Mobile homes must meet the criteria below:

1. #’s 1, 2, 3, and 5 from above.
2. Tongue, wheels and axles must be removed.

Note: Once permanent requirements are met, the member must contact Customer Service at (580) 332-3031 or (877) 456-3031, to request a refund.