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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Peopleís Electric Cooperative, commonly referred to as ďPEC Day,Ē is easily the most important day of the year for the cooperative. This is the day set aside for you to meet with your Board of Trustees and cooperative employees, while enjoying great entertainment, excellent food and beautiful crafts. On PEC Day, members are able to recognize the benefit of being a member when they receive their capital credit check at registration. Since 1986, over $26 Million has been returned to our members based upon PECís strong financial condition as determined annually by our bankers and Board of Trustees.

Typically held on the last Saturday of September each year, PECís Board of Trustees pick the actual date and time.

You are a member of PEC. PEC Day is your opportunity to take an active part in the business by attending the annual meeting. You can hear reports of past progress and future plans of the co-op from the President, Secretary, and the CEO and Executive Vice-President.

Arriving in September to members' mailboxes . . .

Your special invitation to PECís 83nd Annual Meeting will arrive in September. Be sure to keep the program. Youíll need it to present to registration workers as soon as you arrive.

2019 Annual Meeting

PEC's 2019 Annual Meeting will once again be held at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex & Convention Center in Ada on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

Craft and food vendors will have their products and services on display in booths all around the arena for everyone to enjoy.


Applications for 2019 Food Vendors are now OPEN. Download the updated Food Vendor Application/Terms and Conditions here. *NEW THIS YEAR* $50 refundable deposit, plus a $50 Early Bird bonus. (See application for details.)

Applications for Activity/Craft Vendors are now OPEN. Inside and outside booth spaces are available. Be sure to fill out and submit a Craft Vendor Application (along with a $30 craft booth reservation fee) if you are interested in being a vendor at this year's meeting.

Questions about annual meeting? Contact Kaia Hicks, PEC's Corporate Communications Specialist, by phone: (580) 272-1553 or by email: