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iRope, iRide, iRelay with the PEC Team

Date: June 15, 2012
Topics: Press Releases

(Ada, OK) � Pontotoc  County held its 2012 Relay For Life on Friday, June 15, 2012, drawing spectators and participants from all over the county.  The event raised $127,639. The monies raised from this event support the American Cancer Society�s mission to save lives and create more birthdays by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures and fighting back.

Relay began with a lap by survivors, some of whom had been fighting cancer for upward of 16 years, followed by a second lap when survivors were joined by caregivers.   �The people walking around the track right now are the reason we relay,� said Allyson McElroy, PEC�s VP of Customer Service.

Selling frito pies and cold root beer and wearing  �iRope, iRide, iRelay� t-shirts, PEC�s team sponsored western-themed activities (stick horse races and water gun shoot outs) that continued through the evening and ended another great year of fund raising. �Having lost two of our own fellow PEC employees this past year to cancer, we are even more determined that those who are facing cancer will be supported and those who have lost their battles will not be forgotten,� said PEC team member and VP of Information Technology Kathy Spillman. 

Spillman added, �Relay is something near and dear to my heart because it has not only affected my family, but it also affects everyone�s family in some way.  I am grateful for the time I�ve been able to spend with my PEC team members and the camaraderie that this event inspires. Cancer may take away a person�s physical strength or ability, but Relay is a chance for everyone to feel empowered in the fight against cancer.�

[Editor�s Note: PEC's board of trustees, management and employees live and work in the areas we serve.  PEC�s commitment to community is an essential core value of the cooperative.  PEC is proud to offer time, expertise and donations to help improve our communities through special charity events such as Relay for Life. ]

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