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SCAM ALERT: Be wary if anyone demands immediate payment

Date: March 13, 2019
Topics: Press Releases

Scammers continue to target electric cooperative members in several states, including here in Oklahoma. Two PEC members reported yesterday that �someone called demanding payment.� They were told their �power would be shut off immediately� if they did not pay with their credit card over the phone. Another member reported receiving a call �regarding a returned check� and the caller demanded �immediate payment� in the same manner.

Rest assured, our employees will NEVER call you and demand immediate payment over the phone. If your account is delinquent, you will receive a notice on your bill and you will receive automated calls from our automatic calling system. These calls will instruct you to call PEC�s automated phone number to make a payment or access your account through the SmartHub app or on our website. This will allow you to verify your balance and make payments using our secured online system.

While we do call members regarding returned checks, we will NEVER call and demand immediate payment over the phone. We simply call to inform members of the returned check, and the timeline to pay the bill via our automated systems or in person at our Ada office located at 1600 N. Country Club Road.

Additionally, we will only collect personal information about you when YOU call us, to set up your service or make an inquiry about your account, for example. Once your account is set up, our member service representatives may ask you to verify information we have on account. If anyone calls you or approaches you and claims to be collecting money or information for People�s Electric Cooperative, please don�t GIVE them anything. Gather information about them, if you safely can, and report it to us at (580) 332-3031 as soon as possible.

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