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Outage Due to Failed Regulator

Date: February 05, 2018
Topics: Press Releases

Approximately 1,900 locations in Pontotoc County served by Ada-based People’s Electric Cooperative (PEC) were without power from approximately 6:30 PM to 8 PM Sunday evening. The outage was due to a failed voltage regulator inside the cooperative’s Ahloso substation. The outage was not due to a blown transformer as originally reported by local media outlets.

As PEC’s CEO and executive vice-president Kevin Wood explained, “The cause was due to mechanical equipment failure. There were no outside factors such as lightning that would have caused the failure, and it was not due to the regulator being overloaded.”

Wood further explained, “Voltage regulators help to maintain a constant voltage level as power is distributed from the substation. They raise or lower the voltage on the distribution line to provide a more or less constant voltage as the amount of load on the line changes.”

Upon PEC’s arrival at the substation, Ada Fire Department responders were at the scene. PEC crews secured the substation in order for the firefighters to safely enter the substation and extinguish the fire inside the regulator.

From inside PEC’s dispatch center, personnel rerouted power in order for power to be restored by 8 PM. Alternate power routing remained in place Monday morning while PEC crews replaced the faulty regulator. Normal operations were expected to resume by Monday evening.

“We appreciate the local citizen who reported the fire initially, and the efficient teamwork that happened between the first responders and PEC’s crew. Without their quick attention on the scene, the situation could have been much worse and the outage time much longer,” said Wood.

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