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SmartHub Helps You Make Ęents of it All

Date: February 02, 2018
Topics: Press Releases

Have you ever opened your electric bill on a sunny winterís day and wondered how you could have used so much electricity when the weather has been so nice?

The answer is as close as SmartHub, Peopleís Electricís self-service portal. In addition to tracking usage, SmartHub offers the following improved usage management tools:

  • Analyze and understand usage trends to find ways to use less
  • Review how weather trends can affect meter usage
  • Compare one monthís usage with another month
  • Check status and report a power outage

Weather conditions, especially when itís very cold or hot outside, contribute significantly to your homeís usage. The greater the difference between the outside temperature and your thermostat setting, the longer and harder your heating systems (i.e., HVAC, water heaters, space heaters, etc.) must work to reach and then maintain the systemís set point.

For instance, if itís 34 degrees outside and your thermostat is set to 74, thatís a 40 degree difference. Since heating and cooling costs make up nearly 50 percent of the typical homeís electric bill, very cold weather can increase your usage considerably Ė even more so if you home isnít well insulated and sealed.

The number of hours and days that temperatures remain low outside also affects consumption. When itís chilly, you often spend more time inside, running heaters, watching TV, playing video games, cooking, and taking hot showers to warm yourself. This activity adds up, leading to higher usage.

Members that have propane or gas heating units may still have fans and/or blowers that use electricity to circulate the heat throughout the home. Even your water heater must work harder to maintain its constant temperature when the weather is colder outside. We naturally enjoy a warmer shower when below freezing, cold temperatures are lingering outside, and often do not realize the amount of energy being used to heat the hot water we are using on cold days.

With SmartHub itís easier to connect your bill to your homesí consumption, analyze and understand usage trends, review how weather trends can affect meter usage, compare one monthís usage with another and report a power outage. To sign up, visit the Pay a Bill/ Report an Outage link or call 580-332-3031. Our member service representatives are happy to help you!

How to View and Manage Your Usage with SmartHub

1. Log into SmartHub by clicking on the Pay a Bill/ Report an Outage button above on this webpage. (You can also use the SmartHub app on your smartphone or tablet, however there are differences in how information displays--Use search term: NISC SmartHub.)
2. If you havenít signed up to use SmartHub, contact a PEC member service representative at 580-332-3031 for help.
3. Once youíre logged in, select the Start Now button in the View and Manage My Usage box or choose an option from the My Usage tab.

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